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Actionable insights
from conversations

Voxo extracts, analyses and visualises all conversations.

Get smart insights from every conversation

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Real-time categorisation and summarisation

With our state-of-the-art speech engine you get a full transcription of all the voice conversations. Automatic categorization and summarization for all conversations, showing you an overview of your most important areas.

Satisfaction scoring based on sentiment analysis

Utilise our sentiment analysis model to assign a satisfaction score and turnaround score to each conversation, revealing the factors influencing customer satisfaction.

Let generative AI uncover all your customer feedback

Harness generative AI to systematically identify and categorise all customer feedback, compiling it into an easily accessible report.

Customer Service

Boost customer satisfaction by uncovering the main drivers of both positive and negative interactions.

Sales Insights

Leverage AI to identify successful elements in your sales calls, fostering a data-driven sales strategy.

Quality Assurance

Make your quality assurance more effective and accurate with the help of AI.


Upload audio files for detailed transcription and analysis, or access comprehensive historical data.

We can now compile and deliver insights and improvement areas on an entirely new level. All data we collect from our voice calls is visualised and brought forward in a clear way.

Chris ÖhmanHead of Customer Service, COOP Sverige AB

Insikterna vi har fått ifrån Voxo hade vi inte kunnat få med manuell kvalitetssäkring. Det sparar oss tid och ger oss en unik möjlighet att mäta förändringar.

Anders LarssonChef kundcenter, Eskilstuna Strängnäs Energi och Miljö

Tack vare Voxo har vi kunnat följa kundnöjdhet på ett nytt sätt och haft möjlighet att fira tillsammans med våra medarbetare under denna utmanande tid

Lena RoupéKundservicechef, Kraftringen

Results from our clients


Increased efficiency in employee training


Reduction of churn


Increase in customer satisfaction


Reduction of incoming calls


Increase in redirected calls to digital channels


Increased win-back efforts