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At Voxo, we have always believed in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, especially within Nordic speech technology. Going deeper into the partnership with a global cloud computing giant such Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives us a unique opportunity to create groundbreaking technology for new and future clients by unlocking the full potential of GPT technology.

Utilizing advanced computing power facilitated by AWS, Voxo will be creating custom-made Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) models that are aimed to solve specific problems faced by its diverse clientele. The objective of this collaboration is to empower businesses with tailor-made technological solutions while ensuring the security and privacy of their data, as the GPT models can be used to analyze and utilize their data with utmost discretion.

The ambitious joint initiative marks a significant step forward in democratizing AI technology. GPT technology, the revolutionary technique utilized in this collaboration, is based on machine learning models that are designed to understand and generate human-like text based on instructions or prompts. The innovative use of GPT technology, combined with the processing prowess of AWS, will allow Voxo to deliver a breadth of AI-based solutions tailored to customer interactions, providing highly accurate insights in real-time.

Our collaboration with AWS is a leap forward in unlocking the full potential of GPT technology. We are using our voice tech expertise to custom-build GPT models that deliver high-value solutions to our customers’ specific problems. This joint venture is moving us closer to our vision of a future where AI is accessible and beneficial to all sectors of society.” – says Johan Wadenholt, CEO of Voxo, while emphasizing the transformative potential of this partnership.

In a world where data is increasingly seen as a valuable asset, the power of AWS’s cloud computing and Voxo’s GPT expertise promise to deliver a breakthrough service where clients can extract meaningful insights and solve complex problems without compromising on data security and privacy.

The future of AI is here and with Voxo and AWS leading the way, it is assuredly intelligent, resourceful, and secure.

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