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Actionable insights from conversations


Voxo extracts, analyses and visualises all  conversations

Get smart insights from every conversation

The Voxo platform transcribes calls and turns them into data used in robust analysis. Our platform gives insights that help companies create data-driven, measurable improvements.

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Results from our clients


Increased efficiency in employee training


Increase in customer satisfaction


Reduction of incoming calls


Reduction of churn


Increased winback efforts


Increase in redirected calls to digital channels

Some of our clients today


Photo of Chris Öhman, Head of Customer Service at Coop Sverige AB

“We can now compile and deliver insights and improvement areas on an entirely new level. All data we collect from our voice calls is visualised and brought forward in a clear way.”

– CHRIS ÖHMAN, Head of Customer Service, Coop Sverige AB

Create better conversations

Make sure that your employees have the tools they need. Lack of knowledge, failing routines or redirects have a negative effect on employees and customers. Voice technology can help find areas of improvement so you can start making changes for better conversations.

Employee training

Find bottlenecks

Script compliance

Understand your customers

With the help of AI, we can help you understand your customers better. Get access to all of your conversations and understand everything that is being said. Without spending the time. Voxo will do it for you.

Reasons for calling

Competitors mentioned

Products mentioned

Get happier customers

It is normally rather easy to understand if a customer is satisfied or not. But it is often difficult to understand why. Voxo can help you understand what drives customer satisfaction. Our trained sentiment models will find errors and possible improvements that can be made to increase happiness and customer loyalty.

Understand customer sentiment

Remove repetitive calls

Reduce customer turnover