About Voxo

From idea to platform

Voxo is a Swedish tech company founded 2016. Our initial aim was to create an automatic documentation tool for the Financial industry but when the platform started to take shape, we realised that there are so many un-utilised datasources that our technology would be able to unlock and create insights from.

In the following years Voxo ran pilots with large banks such as Nordea, BNP Paribas and Collector Bank before releasing its commercial platform, Voxo Enterprise, in the end of 2020.

Conversations to intelligence – everywhere!

Since then, our platform is used by companies of all sizes and independent of industry or verticals. Today we are analysing both advisory, customer support and professional meetings regardless of their form or purpose.

From documenting individual meetings to analyse millons of calls. If a clients has conversations – we unlock the insights!

Customer Success

Jens Hermansson

Head of Customer Success

Nathalie Välikoski

Customer Success Manager

Silke Kylberg

Customer Success Manager


Peter Adielsson

Sales & Growth Manager

Oliver Larsson

Sales Development Representative

Jacob Kinnander

Senior Sales Executive

Porträttbild på Simon Moberg, Sales Development Representative på Voxo

Simon Moberg

Sales Development Representative

Pia Popat

Sales Executive


Fredric Gustafsson

Head of Marketing

Technology & Development

Ludwig Pethrus Engström

Chief Technology Officer

Porträttfoto på Mårten Saltin, Junior Developer på Voxo

Mårten Saltin

Junior Developer

Amanda Eliasson

Data Scientist & Product Owner

Ivan Vysotskiy

Fullstack Developer

Martin Winther

Data Analyst

Alexey Makarov

Lead Developer

CEO & Founders

Johan Wadenholt

CEO & Co-Founder

Iman Pouya

Founder, Tech Guru

Omid Ekhlasi

Founder, Marketing Guru