About Us

Actionable insights from conversations

Voxo is a tech company that turns conversations into actionable insights through voice technology. Our platform enables organisations to extract, analyse and visualise business-driven data in real-time.

Our journey as a Swedish startup

Since founded in 2016, Voxo specialises in conversation-based AI solutions. Our cutting-edge machine learning algorithms are at the forefront of the AI revolution. Voxo has taken a market-leading position in Sweden while also seeing strong growth in the Nordic countries for 2022.

Customer Success

Caroline Madden

Head of Customer Success

Nathalie Välikoski

Customer Success Manager

Silke Kylberg

Customer Success Manager


Peter Adielsson

Sales & Growth Manager

Jesper Kinnander

Sales Executive

Jacob Kinnander

Senior Sales Executive

Simon Moberg

Sales Development Representative

Pia Popat

Sales Executive

Technology & Development

Ludwig Pethrus Engström

Chief Technology Officer

Xuemei Cai


Mårten Saltin

Junior Developer

Mario Eklund

Mario Eklund

UX & UI Designer

Amanda Eliasson

Data Scientist

Ivan Vysotskiy


Jens Hermansson

Head of Product

Martin Winther

Data Analyst

Christopher Onomeonga


Kyriakos Xagoraris

Kyriakos Xagoraris


CEO & Founders

Johan Wadenholt

CEO & Co-Founder

Iman Pouya

Founder, Tech Guru

Omid Ekhlasi

Founder, Marketing Guru