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The Artificial Intelligence Act

The Artificial Intelligence Act

Voxo is actively engaged in monitoring developments related to the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act (AI Act). We welcome this pivotal regulation, recognising its significance in shaping an ethical, responsible and trustworthy AI landscape. Our team is committed not only to full compliance with the Act, but also to contributing positively to this evolving framework.

As part of this commitment, we are planning to join the European Commission’s upcoming initiative, the AI Pact, which demonstrates our support for and adherence to the highest standards of AI ethics and governance. This proactive stance reflects Voxo’s dedication to being at the forefront of ethical, responsible and trustworthy AI.



We strive to offer services of the highest quality and reliability. One of the most important principles in our operation is the use of redundancy. Redundancy is not just a technical concept, it’s a part of our philosophy to ensure robustness and continuous service to our customers.

What is redundancy?

Redundancy means that we have multiple systems or components that can take over if something happens to the primary system. This can apply to everything from data storage to network connections and server capacity. By having these overlapping systems, we ensure that our services are available even if a part of our infrastructure faces unexpected challenges.

How do we apply redundancy?

Dual systems: We have invested in having at least two independent systems for all critical components. This means that if one system fails, another can immediately take over without interruption for the user.

Geographic distribution: Our data centers and servers are strategically placed in different geographical locations. This reduces the risk that a local event, like a natural disaster, would affect all our systems at the same time.

Regular testing: We conduct regular tests to ensure that our redundancy systems function as they should. This includes simulated outages and recovery scenarios.

Continuous monitoring: Our systems are monitored around the clock to quickly detect and address any issues.

With these measures, you as a customer can feel secure in the knowledge that the services you rely on at Voxo are robust and reliable. Redundancy is not just a technical solution for us; it’s a fundamental part of our commitment to delivering uninterrupted and secure service to you.


Voxo is deeply committed to ensuring the security and privacy of its users’ data. A key aspect of this commitment is the implementation of robust encryption protocols. Encryption at Voxo is designed to safeguard sensitive information by converting it into a code that prevents unauthorized access. This is crucial, particularly for communication and data storage, where personal or confidential information is involved. Whether it’s user data, communication, or stored files, Voxo employs advanced encryption methods to protect against data breaches and cyber threats. This approach not only secures information during transmission over networks but also ensures data integrity and confidentiality at rest. By prioritizing encryption, Voxo demonstrates a strong dedication to protecting its users’ information, reinforcing trust and reliability in its services.


Voxo places a high priority on data security and reliability, which is reflected in their comprehensive backup strategy. Recognizing the importance of data integrity and availability, Voxo implements a robust backup system to safeguard against data loss. This system is designed to regularly create copies of all critical data, ensuring that in the event of hardware failure, cyber-attacks, or any unforeseen data corruption, there is always a recent backup available for swift restoration. These backups are stored securely in multiple locations, both on-site and in the cloud, to provide redundancy and ensure data recovery even in case of physical disasters. By integrating this layered backup approach, Voxo not only secures its clients’ data but also guarantees minimal downtime, maintaining business continuity and user trust.