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Your Customer Insights Platform

Discover what your customers are expressing in each conversation, all at once

Automatic summarisation and categorization

Filter and search anyway you want - instantly

Let generative AI uncover all your customer feedback

Actionable insights to improve product and processes

Share report with all departments, on their feedback

Customer sentiment – how are your customers perceiving you?

Satisfaction Score

Turnaround Score

Real-time monitoring of campaigns and sendouts

Customisable views and trend analysis

Add trackers for real-time alerts

Gather key insights from every meeting

Overview of all summaries

Next-level Customer Service

Improve your customer satisfaction

Turnaround Score - turning the customers sentiment

Communication analysis

Streamlining efficiency and bridging knowledge gaps

Enhancing first call resolution

Sales Insights, not gut feeling

Coach your sales reps

Track progress and trends of your sales reps

Analysing your team's communication styles

Identify speech patterns for deeper insights

More effective Quality Assurance

Preset communication models

Automatically track specific words and phrases

Identify the right calls for review

Analyse and compare performance

Monitor trends and progress over time

Your data, with our API

Upload audio files for transcriptions via API

Enriching transcriptions with additional analyses

Access historical data

Build your own automations based on data from our API