Turn all your conversations into actionable insights!

Voxo Enterprise is the only conversation intelligence tool you need to understand your customers fully. Our platform automatically analyses all your voice customer interactions – and gives you the insights you need in real-time.

View of Meeting in Voxo platform

Meeting details – down to the individual word

  • Full Transcripts of all conversations
  • Easy interface highlighting valuable keywords and sentances
  • Find positive or negative paragraphs
  • Easily playback and listen to important parts of the meeting
  • Automatically capture client and employee behaviour
  • Perform more efficient employee training
  • Increase compliance by tracking illicit behaviour

Script Compliance

Employee Training

Find Bottlenecks

Search and filter among all your conversations

  • Filter conversations based on identified categories
  • Search all conversations based on what is said – or not said
  • View and analyse your most positive or negative conversations
  • View your results as paragraphs to easily drill down in cases

Reasons for calling

Mentioned Products

Mentioned Competitors
List of meetings in Voxo platform
View of graph in Voxo platform

Understand your organisations changes and customers behaviour

  • Get insights and better understanding of your operation
  • View changes in behaviour between days, weeks or months
  • Easily analyse and export insights to the whole organisation
  • Track internal initiatives and changes in real time
  • Drill down into categories to find underlying reasons for calls

Track customer behaviour

Monitor outcome of initiatives

Identify trends and events

Get automated reports to share within the organisation

  • Get automated reports daily, weekly or monthly
  • Customisable reports based on your needs within the organisation
  • Drive and track changes in the organisation – without even using the platform

Automated reports tailored for you

Share insights easily

Spot changes that needs attention
View of alerts in Voxo platform

Never miss a change with realtime alerts

  • Get realtime alerts when topics or categories increase or decrease
  • Configure alerts to notify different people in the organisation when specific changes are detected
  • Minimize lead time for combatting errors or problem in the organisation

Never miss an important event

Track illicit behaviour

Alert individual managers