Voxo – Work Environment Policy

Our view of the work environment;

Individuals working together in harmony with each other do better business. In order to be profitable, Voxo needs employees who have a balance in their lives.

Voxo strives to create a work environment in which wellbeing is seen as natural and everyone manages health risks with awareness. 

Each employee is responsible for his or her own health and has a joint responsibility for a good work environment. 

The senior management shall support and develop a good work environment, which also helps to increase Voxos appeal as an employer. Responsibility for both the psychosocial and the physical work environment rests with the managers.

Voxo shall take preventive measures to reduce sickness absence and work injuries.

When ill health or work injury occurs despite these precautions, adequate steps shall be taken without delay. Should it not be possible to remedy existing shortcomings, they shall be documented and a plan of action, together with a deadline, shall be drawn up.

In order to ensure the quality of its work environment activities, Voxos Work Environment Committee carries out annual follow-ups.


Voxo strives to create opportunities for all employees to maintain or enhance their physical, mental or social wellbeing. Our ambition is to provide for as many employees as possible, the aim being to counteract health risks.

Cases of illness

At Voxo, we have well-established procedures for dealing with illness, with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. An employee suffering from an acute illness should not come to work. We support employees who have been ill and who are on the road to recovery. This is of benefit to both the company and the individual. There is an obligation, therefore, unless special reasons exist, to arrange occupational rehabilitation for employees who need this.


All employees of Voxo are entitled to be treated fairly, with respect shown for their dignity and their person. All employees and managers are responsible for treating their colleagues in this way. Voxo does not accept victimisation, i.e. repeated reprehensible or negative actions directed at individual employees in an intimidating manner that may result in the employee being isolated from his or her fellow workers. By victimisation we mean psychological violence, social rejection, bullying, sexual harassment, harassment connected with ethnic origin, age, religion or other faith, disability or sexual orientation, and other forms of harassment or actions that contravene Voxos common values or general principles of honourable or moral behaviour. By sexual harassment we mean any un welcome gender-based behaviour or unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that violates the employee’s dignity at the workplace.

Alcohol and drug abuse

Our approach involves “showing concern” and “stepping in”. As fellow human beings, we have a responsibility to help and support fellow workers who are abusers. 

We shall take steps to assist those who abuse drugs or alcohol in ridding themselves of their addiction. This requires them to change their lifestyle. Speak to – not about – the person who has a problem. Help the abuser to gain an insight into and to want to do something about his or her situation. 

Voxo strives to bring about greater openness in matters concerning alcohol and drugs. It is the duty of a manager who is responsible for the work environment to be on the look-out for potential signs of addiction and to help employees rid themselves of their abuse by promptly taking appropriate measures.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Work Environment Policy , do not hesitate to contact us at contact@voxo.ai.